Album Review: The Tins – Tins [EP]

By Will Oliver, July 12th 2010 — with 2 comments Other

Flash back to February and I had no idea who The Tins were. I recently joined the underground music concert group at my college, and was setting up for my first show. The show was for Via Audio, and the Tins were the opening band. I haven’t listened to Via Audio since then, but The Tins have easily been one of my favorite discoveries of 2010. This past April they band released their debut EP, Tins, and it’s as great of a debut of an album as they come.

Songs like “Subtle Rattle” and “Backbone” are a perfect introduction to The Tins. They reach back to rock and roll origins, and deliver the goods: Soulful guitar riffs and enchanting keyboard playing. They are complimented by Dave Muntner’s timely percussion which drive the songs, pushing the band to their best. The Tins strong suite is the duel vocals from guitarist Adam Putzer and keyboardist Mike Santillo. At times their vocals remind me of Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs ).

The duo works off each other making each other sound even better. Their tag team differs from the likes of Dan/Spencer from Wolf Parade in the sense that each song is a cooperative effort. No song is strictly Adam, and no song is strictly Mike. The Tins are a team, and this is something rarely seen with bands consisting of 2 very worthy front-men.

If you don’t believe me, then listen to “The Green Room” which is one of the finest songs of 2010, period. So many bands struggle to write a song as good in their entire career. The Tins already hit a home run in their first at bat. “The Green Room” is 7 minutes long, but you won’t want it to end. You’d rather hit repeat. Tell me the last time you heard of that for a song over 5 minutes? It builds and builds to electrifying heights proving that The Tins are upstate New Yorks best hidden secret. These guys are far from amateurs, they are natural musicians who are on the way to great things.

“June Avenue” is one of the bands catchier numbers, showing the band isn’t lacking pop sensibilities. The EP’s last song “Opposite C” shows the bands incredible song writing talents. The song builds upon a country flavored guitar that builds to a memorable chorus. Damn, these guys know how to fucking play!

Not many bands release an EP that is so strong and professional sounding. Every time I listen to it I continue to find new reasons to be amazed. The Tins are at the top of this decades freshman class, and take my word when I say they are destined for greatness.

Enjoy the Green Room, my 6th favorite song of the year so far.

[mp3]: The Tins – The Green Room

You can buy the Tins EP at CD Baby right now. Visit the band on myspace or on facebook.

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i love The Green Room too. 🙂


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