Hear 2 New LCD Soundsystem Songs: Dance Yrself Clean & I Can Change

By Will Oliver, April 11th 2010 — with 37 comments MP3

Via OneThirtyBPM, you can listen to two new LCD Soundsystem songs from their new album, This Is Happening. For those of you who weren’t too favorable with “Drunk Girls”, these new songs will restore your faith in the album.

First is the near nine minute album opener Dance Yrself Clean, and second is I Can Change.

Dance Yrself Clean starts out slow, gradually building itself up with hints of electronic sounds. It kicks off into full LCD Soundsystem glory at the three minute mark fully forming into a glorious jam. One of my readers, Jah, commented below that it’s basic riff and rhythm is probably taken from The Pool’s Jamaica Running. You can be the judge of that by listening here.

Change” displays Murphy’s true singing voice, displaying some nice vocals. The track is a sincere attempt to regain what he once had, something we can all relate to. I use this word a lot, but “I Can Change” is a beauty.

Drunk Girls is fun and all, but this is the real LCD Soundsystem. You can say I’m excited for the rest of the album.

[mp3]: LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean
[mp3]: LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change

Make sure to pre-order the album. You can do so right now via Insound.com on CD.

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  1. Jah12 Apr 10

    Dance Yrself Clean’s basic riff and rhythm is “used” from The Pool’s Jamaica Running, I would say. Make up your own mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXytMYGVBHw

  2. steve12 Apr 10

    You nailed it Jah.

  3. Will12 Apr 10

    I can def see some similarity Jah. Good call on that. I made an edit to include your comment, check it out!

  4. CHristopher12 Apr 10

    Every LCD Album has a Drunk Girls on it… so for all the people who hate it because it’s not all my friends, remember how great daft punk is playing at my house is, except when your alone on the internet looking for your next dose of conversation…

  5. Irregular reader13 Apr 10

    James Murphy said tonight to please not post songs from the new album. It’s not right, whatever reason you have to justify stealing music.

  6. bedstuypunk13 Apr 10

    I was at MHofW last week, and at Webster Hall today looking for tickets. Fail! But its glad to hear their music.
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Will13 Apr 10


    I didn’t steal the music. It leaked online by someone else, another blogger found it uploaded it, and I linked to them. I did share the songs, but they are leaked out there anyway. They were gonna spread around like wild fire no matter what. I tried to combat this by writing a review about it with my personal thoughts, trying to add something to it. I also include a purchase link so that people can buy it who may not have normally purchased an album after finding a leak.

    These songs got people excited for the new album and I believe that more people bought the album because of the anticipation after the sampling of these two songs. If it didn’t result in buying the album then maybe they bought tickets to see them or merch. Maybe they told their friend about it and they bought the album.

    My point is, the song was floating out there, and it was bound to spread. I tried to take it and get people excited for the record. I think people are too.

  8. paul beynon13 Apr 10

    you did steal it really………you took it without permission (and posted it knowing people would look at your site and download it…)

    Whether you agree with blogging tunes or not its not yours nor is it really ok to blame a 3rd party …….

    maybe you should take it down out of respect for an artist you really like??

  9. bran13 Apr 10

    “Drunk Girls is fun and all, but this is the real LCD Soundsystem”

    Um, help. What’s the “real” LCDSoundsystem? _Tribulations_? _Daft Punk is Playing at My House_? _Time to Get Away_? _Disco Infiltrator_? Or are you losing your edge?

  10. Desolatejoy14 Apr 10

    Hold up! Hold up!… with all this blog’s “Stealing” music & then uploading it nonsense. As Will RIGHTLY pointed out these songs were leaked online by a 3rd party, whoever these people are that can get advanced copies of songs before release (people from the record company maybe???) and he simply found them & made people aware of them.
    I’m always astounded at how easily songs “leak” and if bands really are that worried about songs getting out perhaps they should start looking at the source of the problem rather than someone like Will who, I believe, is a genuine music lover.
    Didn’t see James Murphy protesting at the Greenberg OST tracks that got passed around, but perhaps they needed more exposure aye?!?!

  11. Will14 Apr 10

    @Desolatejoy – thanks for the backup. That is pretty much where I stand, and where I am coming from.

  12. daveyB.19 Apr 10

    @paulbeynon @irregularreader – Maybe James Murphy WANTED the songs to be leaked for PUBLICITY. You know, to get people EXCITED! It doesn’t matter whether or not because guess what, the songs are GOOD and people ARE posting about how GOOD it is and its spreading with 100’s of blogs and MAINSTREAM media POSTING about it online. And I’ll admit it, I DID download the album when it leaked because I was EXCITED and guess what, it’s GREAT, so I will BUY IT when its RELEASED for better QUAL-IT-TY. And if I didn’t like it, I would’ve DELETED it. You dooshes, don’t get it do you? The internet is the GREATEST PUBLICITY MEDIUM ever created by accident with NO RESPECTS OR BIAS TO ANY people or person, and it’s FREE FOR the PUBLIC, run (well, mostly) BY the PUBLIC, which means the PUBLIC DECIDES what GOOD or NOT. So that gives POWER to the PEOPLE.

    And I’m also a MUSICIAN and I WISH I could be in James Murphy’s position right now to have people EXCITED and TALKING and POSTING about MY MUSIC whether GOOD or NOT. If you don’t LIKE IT, then GET OFFLINE!

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