L’Homme Run MP3’s

By Will Oliver, March 26th 2010 — with 8 comments MP3

Where has all the fun in music gone? There are thousands of bands out there, some that you can’t really distinct from another. There are tons of good bands out there, but I feel like a lot of the music is lacking one key ingredient that I know I love to hear in music: Fun. These days, everyone’s so focused on finding the best new buzz band that we seem to forget to have fun listening to music.

Vampire Weekend’s very own Ezra Koenig had the right idea way before he became world famous with Vampire Weekend. While at Columbia University he started L’Homme run as a way for him and his friend Andrew Kalaidjian to have some fun and create some white boy rap (VW’s drummer Chris Tomson helped drop some beats too). The songs are an honest look at a bunch of friends having fun creating something catchy and irresistible. The quality is there as well, the L’Homme Run songs will be stuck in your head for days at a time.

I’ve gotten at least one hundred emails to this day asking me for L’Homme Run mp3’s. The people are dying for it, and Ezra even told a fan to search for them on blogs. I can help you out guys. Here are the 4 mp3’s that L’Homme Run created back in the day, in full glory.

[mp3] : L’Homme Run – Bitches
[mp3] : L’Homme Run – Pizza Party
[mp3] : L’Homme Run – Interracial Dating
[mp3] : L’Homme Run – Giving Up Da Gun


  1. WillDewBadley26 Mar 10

    Thanks so much. I’ve been trying to find these for quite some time. They got taken off a bunch of blogs at one point, but I’m glad to see you offering them up.

  2. vwlova9 Apr 10

    Ezra obviously likes the givin up the gun theme…nearly the same song as in Contra…very confused!

  3. yeayeayea9 May 10

    I’ve been looking for this all day! Thank youuu:D

  4. kerryann6 Jun 10

    The links don’t work.
    I’ve been looking for ages for these.
    Can you help.

  5. Esther11 Jun 10

    all the links are broken. ):

  6. aj12 Apr 13

    here’s an updated download for it!! http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?s3aw9gmld92ztla

  7. Birdiana18 Jul 13

    I cannot articulate effectively how much I love L’Homme Run and Vampire Weekend. Who can possibly come up with this stuff? These guys are stellar. I am so ecstatic I could find a download for L’Homme Run.

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