[NEW] Arctic Monkeys – Joining The Dots (Acoustic)

By Will Oliver, December 29th 2009 — with 8 comments MP3

Remember when I told you guys that our boys, Arctic Monkeys performed a new song called “Joining The Dots” at a nyc radio station during an acoustic performance? If not, this post should refresh your memory! It was really frustrating that a short choppy clip of the song being performed in practice by Alex was all we had. Well my friends, I have the full mp3 of the song performed live! Some fan was cool enough to record the entire performance on his camera and I ripped it to an mp3 for your listening pleasure!

The song has such a clean, carefully strummed guitar melody, that it is impossible not to be wowed! Alex sings beautifully with his well articulated lyrics (like your surprised!!) ready to make Alexa Chung swoon to her knees. This song is a winner because of its stripped down nature. Your focus is just on Alex and that guitar (John Ashton helped out on guitar and backup vocals too!), and it sweeps you away. This is one of there best acoustic performances yet, joining the likes of The Bakery.

I believe that “Joining The Dots” will accompany the eventual 3rd single (Which is rumored to be My Propeller), whenever they decide to release it. There is no official word on that yet! I can assure you that this studio version is going to be stupendous, and add to the Monkeys already impressive b-side collection.

[mp3] : Arctic Monkeys – Joining The Dots (Acoustic RXP Session)

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My Propeller as third single is not a rumor anymore. confirmed to me by Alex himself 🙂


thanks a lot! whatever they release, it’s good quailty 😀 they never disappoint


Brilliant, thanks for this… I’m fiendishly addicted to b-sides.


The Arctic Monkeys are amazing and have played a big part in the progression of Indie and Rock music over the last decade. Great article about it here http://bit.ly/7e2SfY some really great bands are featured.


RXP, the radio station that put on this performance with the Arctic Monkeys, just posted the videos for five of the band’s songs, including “Joining The Dots.” The audio quality is much better than the bootleg. The link is here: http://www.1019rxp.com/tv3/

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